Angel 1 Star Angel 
30in tall x 22in wide

Angel 2 Candlelight Angel 
3 sizes

A. 30 in tall x 15in wide   

B. 4 ft tall x  2 ft wide        

C. 5 ft tall x 3 ft wide      
Angel 3 Rose Angel
29 in tall x 22 in wide 
Angel 5  Shepherd Angel 22" tall x 28" long 
Angel 4 Guardian Angel 34"tall x 25"wide 
Angel 6 Sisters in Song 
35"tall x 31"wide $54.95
Will be customized with 
the names or saying of your choice.
Angel 7 Joyful Song 
35"tall x 25" wide   
Choose your hair, eye, and skin tone
Prices shown do not include sales tax.